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Since 1998, we opened our doors with a mission to provide, support and educate our community to feel alive and live life to the fullest with good health.
25 years later, not much has changed,and we are still Maui’s favorite, local family owned health store.


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Juice Cleanse

We have helped hundreds of customers improve their health, vitality, and well-being though juice cleansing.   
We can help you too!


Benefits Of Our Juice Cleanse:

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    weight loss;boost & strengthen immunity;repair gut & digestive tract;

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    increase clarity and alertness;lasting vibrant energy;remove stubborn toxins and metals;

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    diabetes & blood sugar balance;clear up allergies;full cell rejuvenation;

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    glowing clear skin;optimal body + mind function;

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    blood pressure & cardiovascular balance - vibrant youthfulness;new & renewed dietary habits;reset & rejuvenate from the inside out;

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    highly theraputic;life changing results each day;


We are here to help you!30 years of cleanse & wellness research & expertise

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    maximum nutrient vitality through cold press extraction;completely customizable for your unique needs;

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    pre and post cleanse support;dedication to utilising organic and local produce;

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    wide variety of delicious exclusivejuice recipes;additional flavorful broth options to keep you satiated & grounded all day;

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    made fresh daily in house | bottled in glass;unpasturized to maximize the healing power of live enzymes;

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    numerous tips on how to gain optimal cleanse benefits;pre and post cleanse dietary support;

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    our state of the art cold press juicer yields maximum shelf life & nutrient density;


The Cold Pressed Advantage:
Experience the numerous superior benefits of our $30K state of the art X1 Cold Pressed Juicing System over bladed home juicers:

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    hydraulic pressing methods ofjuicing keeps the;cell wall in tact, retaining maximum nutrient vitality;

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    home juicers cut the fruit with blades which mostly destroys vital nutrients;longer freshness & shelf life due to nutrients in tact;

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    longer freshness & shelf life due to nutrients in tact;raw enzyme action to flood your cells with potent levels of vitamins and benefits;

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    up to 15 pounds of produce extracted into one day’s juice cleanse;
    we use only fresh organic local produce;

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    no chemicals, preservatives , artificial colors or added sugar needed with the fresh pressed advantages;


Alive & Well Cleanse Packages:$75 per day

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    Green Glow Cleanse:5 x 12oz green juices2 x 32oz healing broths+ supplemental support/guidance+ we use glass bottles to maximize nutrients+ when you book a 3 day cleanse, bring all the empty bottles back at once and receive a free juice!

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    Rainbow Glow Cleanse: 3 x 12oz green juices 2 x 12oz fruit juices 2 x 32oz healing broths+ supplemental support/guidance+we use glass bottles to maximize nutrients+when you book a 3 day cleanse, bring all the empty bottles back at once and receive a free juice!


Detox Symptoms Your Cleanse Experience

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    Headaches FeverSweatingHot flashesFatigue Nausea Diarrhea Frequent urination Weakness Muscle achesDizziness Eczema RashRunny or stuffy noseBad breathIrregular menstruation CravingsGas or Bloating Swollen lymph nodesMood swings 
    Not everyone experiences the same symptoms and some may experience none, that does not mean your cleanse is not working either. Everybody is different. For most, when your body is eliminating toxins, you will feel it. Usually the more toxic your lifestyle, the worse your symptoms will be. 


Pre & Post Cleanse Meals:
Preparation is the key to success!

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    It is advisable to prepare your body by switching to a raw, plant based diet at least 3 days prior to and post cleansing to experience maximum benefits. That’s right; no meat, eggs, dairy, butter… none of it. It sounds rough, but you are aiming to detox with full benefits. If you generally indulge in multiple servings of meat per day, try to cut down to one portion the week before you cleanse. Animal products put a strain on our digestive tract, so it is best to give it a rest and kick into high gear when you begin your juice-only detox. While you are cutting back on meat and fatty animal products, up your enzyme intake by introducing more fruits and veggies into your daily diet. No processed foods either. The most important goal of a juice cleanse is to reconnect with your body, and listen to it. If you are truly hungry and need a little something to push through, you need to honor this. As long as you have a sensible snack, and jump right on track with your juice, you will be fine. Stay tuned to your body, and only do what you can realistically handle. Just don’t throw in the towel in favor of a cheeseburger. You can try our delicious food at our local & organic broth cafe.


The Juices ~ Pressed Fresh in House1 day cleanse ~ 5 juices & 2 broths2 day cleanse ~ 10 juices & 4 broths3 day Cleanse ~ 15 juices & 6 broths

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    The Juices
    GREEN GLOWcucumber | kale | cilantro | parsley | lemon
    GREEN MACHINEcelery | cucumber | kale | spinach
    CELERY JUICE100% celery
    QUEEN BEETbeet | ginger | lemon | apple | carrot
    TUMERIC TONIC water | fresh tumeric | lemon | Hawaiian honey
    TROPICAL LOVEpineapple | apple | coconut milk | ginger
    COCONUT DRINKSA selection of Raw Maui Coco Drinks


The Broths ~ Slow cooked, all made in house.4 delicious flavors

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    The Broths
    MUSHROOMshiitake mushrooms, ginger, garlic, onion, kombu seaweed, structured water, tamari, red miso
    KA'AE ~ BEETbeets, cabbage, carrots, onion, apple cider vinegar, dill, black pepper, salt, structured water
    OLENA ~ TURMERIC water, carrots, onion, celery, cumin, kombu, turmeric, apple cider vinegar, mineral salt
    PORK CHICKEN pork and chicken mixed with shitake mushrooms, ginger, garlic, onion, kombu seaweed, structured water, tamari, red miso Our newest option is selected from Simply CoconutFor an upcharge of $8, you could swap out one of your broths for a 32 0z jar of fresh coconut milk.

This cleanse is absolutely delicious, nourishing and everything I needed to reset. The broths are so good and I love the combo of juices & broths in the cleanse. I felt light, nourished and satisfied from Day 1 !

Alyssa , Haiku

For more information or to book a cleanse call the store on 808 877 4950 or click below

If you have been considering a juice cleanse, 

there are a few things you should know to help you get through it...

Yes, there will be highs, and there may be lows, but with this handy guide, you’ll be well on your way to accomplishing your juice cleanse like a pro!

Let’s start with the basics about what to expect day-by-day, like detox symptoms, exercise, cravings, etc. Our bodies are hardwired in their routines, so if you are accustomed to three meals a day, your body will notice if you skip one. Be gentle with yourself, but if you have the nagging urge to chew something simply because you’re used to three meals, remind yourself of your goals and why you decided to cleanse in the first place. Day 1 - Everyone’s experience with a juice cleanse is different, and detox symptoms can vary based on how toxic our bodies are to begin with and how quickly our bodies release these toxins. Generally, the first day of a juice cleanse is relatively easy, at least for the first few hours. If you’re used to a hearty breakfast, you may feel a bit sluggish, but this feeling should subside after your first juice. Those who are avid caffeine drinkers usually experience the worst symptoms, including headaches, sluggishness and irritability, as the body is not used to functioning without that daily dose. We usually recommend cleansers wean off of caffeine in the days leading up to a cleanse, to make their experience easier. While we do recommend staying active during a cleanse, you may notice your energy levels drop, particularly in the evening of the first day. At this point, you have gone through the entire day consuming less calories than your body is accustomed to. If you usually hit the gym after work in the evenings, opt for a light walk instead, or try a gentle hatha yoga class. Stretching and moving your muscles can help your body detox, but be careful not to overdo it. Day 2 - After making it through the first day of your cleanse, you should feel accomplished, proud, and maybe a bit lighter. However, be prepared, because day two can sometimes be the most difficult day for cleansers. While you can expect to wake up feeling lighter, and most likely not craving a meal since your digestive system is no longer working hard to break down meals from the previous day, caffeine withdrawal may cause intense headaches and sluggishness on day two. If your body was particularly in need of a detox before your cleanse, you may experience excessive sweating, tiredness, irritability or anxiousness. It’s important to understand these potential detox side effects before starting your cleanse, so you can be better prepared to handle them when they arise. If you do experience some uncomfortable symptoms, be sure to drink plenty of water to help flush toxins faster. Day two is a great time to treat yourself to a meditation class or sauna session. If you become extremely hungry during the day and have already consumed your scheduled juice and plenty of water, you can have healthy snacks or a light meal...Day two is a great day to head to bed early and get plenty of rest. Your body is working hard to cleanse itself at this point, and you’ll need extra sleep to recuperate. Day 3 - is usually the easiest, and most enjoyable day of a juice cleanse. Cleansers usually report feeling weightless, energized, and full of life. Your digestive system is fully rested and you will no longer experience intense hunger pangs or negative symptoms you may have battled with in the previous days. The last day of a cleanse is a great day for a massage, meditation session, or other activity that will help connect you with your body. Be mindful of your energy levels though, because you may still experience ebbs and flows on your final day. Continue to combat this with plenty of water, as you can still become dehydrated even during a cleanse. You may be dreaming of all the foods you’ll eat once your cleanse is over, but remind yourself that, as important as following a cleanse protocol is, it is even more important to come off of a cleanse properly. The third day of a juice cleanse is a great day to head to the grocery store to stock up on healthy, raw, whole foods that you’ll eat to break your cleanse. Make a light vegetable soup and stock your fridge with plenty of fruits and veggies for the days following your cleanse. If you revert to eating unhealthy, fatty foods immediately after your cleanse, you could face a serious stomach ache and uncomfortable digestive issues. The third day is an important day to ditch the “all or nothing” mindset. If you’ve slipped up in the previous days, don’t throw in the towel before your juice cleanse is complete. Make sure to finish all of your juices each day, and be gentle with yourself, no matter how you may feel about the way you handled your cleanse. The important thing to remember is that you are taking a huge step to take control of your health, and every little bit counts.

The Best Water on Maui.Vortex Power & Kangen WaterAvailable On Tap.
Check out our unique Water Wall in store, for all your water needs. 

Enjoy the Health Benefits of our Super Hydrating & Oxygenated Vortex Power Water. Available on tap in store. $2 per gallon. Try it on us, first fill for free!

Imagine drinkingwater that gives you energy.

What is structured water?Structured water, also known as, energizedwater, is water that has been purifiedenergetically in order to neutralize toxins andcreate balanced water. When water has moreenergy, it gives your body more energy andradiance with many other health benefits. If you live by a mountain stream you are lucky to have access to fresh structured water, because water in nature is organically pure, usually structured, nourishing and the best tasting. However, most of us do not have access to the mountains on a daily basis, especially if you live in a city. There is a way to bring the mountain stream straight to your faucet and turn tap water back to structured water, by adding energy back to the water. The only way you can achieve this is through Advanced Vortex Water Technology. Vortexing water charges it, allowing it to hold energy, bringing the water to its fullest potential. Drinking the right water can be more important than drinking more.


Structured water from your tap.My water. My life.


Most of us are dehydrated, and don’t realizethe importance of proper hydration that isessential for all cellular function. By the timewater arrives to most of us, it has passed through long pipes and hasn’t seen light for days, it loses energy & minerals along that journey and turns into lifeless water that enters our homes, farms and schools. Vortex Advanced Water Technology puts the energy back into the water, just as nature intended. It’s a simple process of tap water passing through the Vortex Chamber, a patented, stainless steel tool designed to copy a million year old system from nature. It screws onto your faucet or there are larger units for the entire home or business. We customize each system to meet your specific needs. The award winning vortex technology inside the chamber, creates millions of tiny cylindrical tunnels of oxygen in thesame flowing, circular, patterns as you would find in the mountain stream, which adds energy to the water. That energy gets passed onto to you. It makes the water easier to absorb and truly hydrates our bodies, by transporting nutrients into our cells while removing toxins. Drink and feel the difference

VortexPower units are currently being installed in entire homes,
hotels, gyms, farming / agriculture
& wellness industries.

Larger units for the entire home, business andindustry


Smaller unit for single faucet application.$550 each


Here are some of the benefits farmersare starting to see after usingVortex water :Bigger Crops ~ Fast MaturingLess Water Used ~ Lower BillsBetter Tasting & Healthier Plants & Animals


True hydration for optimalcell performanceSofter, Smoother,Better Looking SkinIncreased CellularNourishmentGreater FlexibilityFeeling RejuvenatedDecreased AppetiteIncreased VitalityLess PainBetter SleepBetter MoodsImproved DigestionEfficient Waste RemovalDetoxificationHigh Life Source EnergyHealthy Metabolic ReactionsBetter Immune ResponseLess Allergies and AsthmaIncreased Concentration, Alertness andShort-Term Memory

Why is structured water different to other water?

True hydration means that water is able to enter our cells and hydrate you at the cellular level. In order for any water to penetrate the cell membrane it has to be at a surface tension level of 46 dynes (units of force) or below. This means that if whatever you are feeding your body has a surface tension that exceeds 46 dynes, those nutrients can’t get in your cells.Structured water measurement is between 32 and 43 dynes, it easily flows back and forth through the cell membrane wall while gently detoxifying. This is true cellular hydration. Most water that we are drinking such as distilled or bottled, are typically at 56 to 72 dynes which is too high for hydration to occur in the cell wall. A sustainable water . We don’t bottle water in plastic bottles, its about converting the water coming into your homes making it ‘Alive’ and accessible for the entire family, saving you thousands of dollars on purchasing bottled water and a healthier life.Zero waste. Most reverse osmosis systems waste as much as 20 gallons just to produce one gallon of product water.* Structured water does not have any waste water during purification. Every drop of water can be converted without plastic bottling and without wasting precious water in the process. Zero plastic The Vortex Power units are made in Switzerland using 100% stainless steel.

(More info: * water & waste digest / / Conscious Eating: Second Edition By Gabriel Cousens, M.D.)

See the installation &Vortex water sold by the Gallon@ Alive & Well340 Hana Highway | Kahului808 877 4950


The most simple and effective way to turn tap water back to mountain fresh structured water is throughvortex technology

Kangen Water on Tap!Now Available In Store

Kangen water is, at the most fundamental level, hydrogen water.
Its creator-company, Enagic, produces a machine that takes regular tap water, filters out impurities, and then separates the hydrogen and oxygen in the water, which is called electrolysis. The result is an alkaline, antioxidant, mineral-rich, pure, safe, and healthy drinking water.Enjoy the Health Benefits of Kangen Water.
Available on tap in store. $2 per gallon. Try it on us, first fill for free!If interested in learning more about purchasing a machine, contact our Kangen Representative.


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